Beginning with Weight Watchers

Friday evening I took the plunge – I signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  The online version of Weight Watchers is fairly different than the image most people might have: middle-aged to elderly women sitting in a circle lamenting over the chocolate bar they ate that week, or stepping onto a scale in front of everyone with bated breath and eyes tightly closed.

Nope, the online version involves a flash food tracker, a wealth of recipes, and a community forum.  I chose this way because I knew “group therapy” style sessions weren’t for me, no matter how motivating it might be for others. 

So far, the program is working out fairly well.  I haven’t found myself crawling across the kitchen floor to the refrigerator like a dehydrated desert dweller.  I haven’t even craved my weakness, the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.   This morning for breakfast I had two banana nut muffins, a banana with peanut butter for a snack, a chicken quesadilla and a white chocolate raspberry yogurt for lunch.  Awesome, right?

Now comes the real test – surviving the workplace.


2 thoughts on “Beginning with Weight Watchers

  1. Have you tried the Hungry girl website ( She give LOTs of good makeovers for things you might crave awesome recipes. and she reviews a lot of WW friendly food all w/ points values. I am working the online program w/ you so Good Luck =).

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