The Office… Food

Right now I’m working my first “real job” out of college.  I did some freelance work, yes, but this is my first office environment beyond the classroom.  What I’ve learned that along with my computer, teeny desk, and electronic stapler, working in an office I’d also be issued copious amounts of food.

After firmly resolving to enjoy my banana nut muffin this morning, my boss walked through the office door bearing the epitome of Wisconsin cuisine: cheese curds.  For those of you unfamiliar, cheese curds are deep-fried lumps of yellow or white cheese eaten in generous quantities, usually with a beer or two. 

Not two minutes later, another co-worker came in with gingerbread muffins for all.

One might think there’s some sort of special occassion going on, but this seems to be a usual day here.  There are bowls filled with candy, lunch orders that include chicken, bacon, and ranch dressing wraps, and “birthday lunches” just about every two weeks.  Birthday lunches usually include food from a restaurant, soda, and cake.

It’s totally sweet of everyone in my office to share their sweets – I do work with some of the nicest people I know.  Maybe I’ll just have to start bringing in some sweets of my own… like the 3 pt. muffins I made! 😉

What used to be great is now going to be torture and a test of my willpower, I’m sure.  I think I’m going to become well-versed in the phrase “No, but thank you.”


8 thoughts on “The Office… Food

  1. Totally so Wisconsin! 🙂 Sorry about the temptation, Somer! I’m staying OP today even though there’s cheese curds, muffins, and now chocolate brownies with white cream filling staring me in the face. 😉

  2. I admire you, woman! Wish I had the willpower to join you. I’m trying to stick to a plan of getting more exercise. I hate the winter cold and …… Keep up the great work!

  3. Hey Deb, if you and Brenda ever want to hit Knowles together sometime, let me know! 🙂 Sounds like they have some great equipment out there.

  4. WHEW! I gotta tell you, most places see a reduction in these situations right after the New Year! Way to go staying strong, I am so proud of you.
    Looking forward to a few months of greatness with you on the WW boards! 🙂

  5. You should see if you can get a WW meeting going at work, (assuming your office has enough people who would participate.) A leader came out to our office for lunch hour meetings. It was great because we all supported and encouraged each other. Best of all, the majority of the unhealthy treats floating around the office turned into wonderful healthy creations! Give it some thought.


  6. This is Meagan From WW. We can do this! 🙂 Reading this post about cheese curds made me think of a big Wisconsin hurdle, well at least for me. Festival and the Wisconsin State Fair but We can do this!

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