My First Reward

Before starting WW, I tossed about the idea of a reward system in my head.   I knew I definitely would never want to reward myself with food – definitely bad.  But even rewarding myself with non-food items seemed a little too “Here’s a Milkbone for peeing outside and not on the rug.”  Finally, I decided that if I could actually pull off the miracle of losing weight, I deserved a few items in return.

So today I bought my first one – for losing 10 lbs.  I love my iPod shuffle, but I hate the earbuds that came with it.  My ears must be incredibly misshapen or small, or something, because the headphone so kindly provided by Apple fall right out, leaving me with one ear of beautiful music and one ear of background noise.  I think it was a source of amusement at my old job when I would walk in the door with my left earbud secured in place by twisting the gigantic earring there around. 

Thanks to the “thaw” here in Wisconsin (read: temperatures above 0 degrees F), my car just might start this week and take me to a workout facility.  Knowing that, I went and bought a pair of super cute earbuds that will actually stay in my ears.  They’re called “Skull Candy”, and they’re white and ice blue with two cute, teeny little skulls on them.  😀

Now to actually work out…


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