Birthday Cake Crisis

Having a winter birthday has always put a little bit of a damper on the occasion for me – there was always the threat that Mother Nature could dump three feet of snow on Wisconsin and effectively cancel my big day.  It put just the teeniest cloud of dark anticipation over my birthday, but usually nothing could quell my excitement.

This year was another matter.  In all honesty, the thought of having a party (or two, or three) with the usual huge amounts of food was near paralytic.  I didn’t want to go to a restaurant because I might not be able to calculate the pts. value, and I didn’t want to stay home because I knew then most, if not all, of the food served would be crammed with fat and calories.

In the end, I chose the lesser of two evils: my family came to my apartment this Sunday, and we attempted to make it a healthy eating event.  Sort of.  It started out with chicken and fruit, then expanded to chips, meat and cheese, cream cheese-garlic rolls (reduced fat, but still not the greatest for you), and chicken and cheese quesadillas.  I ate enough pineapple to be considered an islander, had a couple pieces of chicken, and, I’ll admit, a couple of cream cheese-garlic rolls. 

Even more terrifying than the food served was the question of birthday cake.  After I announced what I wanted to do with my birthday, the question that immediately followed from my mom was “What kind of cake do you want?”  Argh.  I researched carrot cakes, specialty cakes, bakeries, and even the possibility of making my own birthday cake before I realized I could have a treat once in awhile.  One cupcake, budgeted for and tracked, was not going to kill me or worse, suddenly cause my clothing to rip at the seams with embarrassment to follow.  White cake, chocolate frosting. It was small and delicious and I’m glad I let myself have it.

The sweetest part of the day, however, did not involve food: I beat one of my brothers-in-law at Wii boxing.  Knock Out! 🙂

There’s more partying to follow this week, but I’m less afraid of making it through now.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Crisis

  1. That’s excellent that you planned that out. For my birthday I am pretty sure I indulged…and paid for it. But you pick what you want to go all out for (CAKE!) and were careful to plan the rest.

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! 🙂

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