I Hate Vegetables

One of my trademarks quips when the topic of vegetables is brought up has always been “It’s just like eating a houseplant.”  It’s true, I liken eating a salad to munching on the ficus in the corner. 

Vegetables weren’t usually on the menu at my house growing up.  Corn occasionally graced the table, and every once in a great while stuffed peppers or brown sugar carrots, neither of which I would have touched even wearing a HazMat suit.  I considered my flat rejection of all things green as part of my genetic makeup, and therefore there was nothing I could do about it.

My second week at college, all of my “freshman friends” encouraged me to try salad once again.  I decided to make a bold move and do so – my only mistake was to partake of my vegetation at the campus cafeteria, where of course they use only the finest ingredients… riiight.  The first bite of ranch-coated lettuce nearly made me gag, but I battled with my reflexes because it’s just not cool to throw up in public or especially in front of your new college friends.

Needless to say, that ended my adventurous streak where it concerns vegetables.

Until now, that is.

Weight Watchers adds most vegetables on the very low point list and the Filling Foods list, both of which are coveted for their ability to get you through a sometimes meager amount of pts. each day.  In my efforts to keep myself both full and in this thing for the long haul, I really do want to expand my palate to include vegetables.

I’ve researched “How to make yourself like vegetables” as far as Google will take me, but I really haven’t found any life-altering advice.  I’m pretty sure I’ll hate charred vegetables (i.e. grilled) just as much as raw, etc. 

The only place I can think to start is with baby carrots with ranch dip, which will be my first (and hopefully not my only) “vegetable adventure” this week.  If anyone has any spectacular tips and tricks they’d want to share with me, I’d love it.


6 thoughts on “I Hate Vegetables

  1. Go to hungry-girl.com and check out the butternut squash fries recipe.

    I totally love vegetables, so I might not be the best person to give advice on this, but it seems hard to argue with a big plate of fries.

  2. also try sweet potatos cut into fries or shredded slightly and baked as chips even w/ brown sugar… I love veggies also soo no big help.

  3. I’ve never tried either squash or sweet potatoes, but I definitely think I’d be willing to try them if they were posing as fries… thanks to you both!

  4. Hey!

    I feel similarly about raw vegetables, but cooked ones can be really awesome!
    I like to sautee mushrooms, onions, potato & peppers with an egg and a tsp. of olive oil for a healthy breakfast.

    Broccoli and Cauliflower are delicious sprinkled with parmesan cheese, lemon juice and olive oil and then baked.

    Also, some of the WW zero point soup recipes are great – there’s a spicy Mexican-style one that is awesome.

    If I were you I might just try to add in more fruit – since you aren’t that into veggies!

  5. I like the little frozen corn-on-the-cobs you can buy at the grocery store. Add a dash of salt and they’re yummy! Roasted potatos are also a good bet. And with the ranch dip, why not try pea pods instead of carrots? They’re yummy and a bit sweet as well…

  6. These are all great suggestions, thank you! I tried sweet potato fries last weekend and unfortunately they didn’t suit my palate, but I’m going to try another new thing soon! 🙂

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