My First Workout

My long lost favorite headband is under the TV stand in my living room.

I know this because yesterday I laid down and nearly passed out, sprawled on my living room floor with a perfect view of the dust bunnies, hairpins, and various items normally out of view under all the furniture.

Medical emergency? Nope, I had my ass kicked by Billy Blanks for half an hour last night.  Billy Blanks, for those unaware, is the creator of the Tae Bo empire.  I picked one of his DVDs to use because I had done some of them during “free time” in gym in high school (free time loosely meant “pick your torture” for nonathletic me), and didn’t mind it that much then. 

All I have to say is “Wow.”  Either Billy’s workouts have gotten way harder, or I’ve gotten way more out of shape.  I’m sure it’s the latter, sadly. 

After I was done gasping my lungs out and gulping down a bucket-full of water, I actually felt fairly pleased with myself.  Punching and kicking the heck out of the air in my apartment both wore me out and energized me at the same time.

I was also pleasantly surprised to remember that as intimidating as Billy’s physique is, he’s less of a drill sergeant and more of a sunshine committee during his workouts.  He’s encouraging, and actually demands his workout pals smile during their sweaty exertions. 

I think it’s something I can stick to.  I also plan to incorporate biking, walking, and yoga into my lifestyle, but Tae Bo is something I can always do at home if I don’t want to go out anywhere – plus it’s a great way to find lost possessions!


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