Turkey Masquerade

“I hate turkeys. If you go to the grocery store, you start to get mad at turkeys. You see turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Somebody just needs to tell the turkeys, ‘Man, just be yourselves!'” – Mitch Hedberg

One tip I picked up from everyone over at the WW forum is that turkey items are less calories/fat/general bad stuff than the regular products.  Mitch was totally right.  When I went to the grocery store last night, there was turkey everything.  I like turkey… as turkey.  I definitely wasn’t used to it masquerading as something else, particularly all the things I really like – i.e. bacon and pepperoni.

I wasn’t quite ready to say farewell to pepperoni yet, so I picked up a pack of turkey bacon.  It looked like real bacon, so how bad could it be?

Truth is, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.  I actually kind of liked it.  It definitely wouldn’t pass a “Pepsi Challenge” match with real bacon, but it tasted fairly good, and I especially liked it on an english muffin with Egg Beaters and Laughing Cow cheese.  See McDonalds? I don’t need you!  I’m so over our relationship…

Next week I’m going to try some turkey pepperoni.  I definitely love pizza and pepperoni was my main squeeze when it comes to toppings.  This will definitely be interesting – but both me and my taste buds are up for the challenge.


3 thoughts on “Turkey Masquerade

  1. I eat a lot of turkey masquerading as other things because I’m not allowed red meat with Seattle Suttons. Turkey sausage isn’t too bad. Turkey meatballs, however, completely suck. Ground turkey in pasta or hotdish tastes pretty good, though. Can’t say I’ve tried the turkey pepperoni.

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