Five Good Reasons for The Broad Broad to Lose Weight

There are a lot of fantastic reasons to lose weight – to be healthy, to increase energy, etc.  The items listed below aren’t my main reasons, but I like to think of them as potential fringe benefits.

1) The ability to buckle shoes with ankle-straps.  Sure, I can do that right now – if I fold myself haphazardly into human origami.  I enjoy getting to practice my contortionist skills, but the probability of ever getting to use these skills for any other useful purpose is minuscule.

2) It would be nice if my bathtub could feel more like a swimming pool than an escape pod.  I’m not claustraphobic, but right now the tiny bathtub that came with my apartment feels like it was made for Barbie’s Dream House.

3) Finances. Plus size clothing costs considerably more money  than its smaller-sized cousins.  Those dollars should be enough to finance a whole tablecloth’s-worth of extra material, I’m smaller than the average dining room furniture and seem to get short-changed when it comes to value per inch of textile.

4) There are some fun nicknames associated with being a large person that I’d like to shed.  Instead of “thunder” thighs, I’d like to have “chance of precipitation” thighs.

5) Fear of breaking things.  Sometimes I feel like I should carry some sort of insurance policy against breaking furniture because of my size.  Not that anything of that sort has ever happened to me, I’d just like to stop practicing an apology and/or my quick exit strategy before sitting down on precariously small chairs.

I’m sure as time goes on, this list will continue to grow as I discover things I don’t have to worry about anymore.  I definitely look forward to it.


9 thoughts on “Five Good Reasons for The Broad Broad to Lose Weight

  1. This is a great list! As someone who has made it “to the other side”, I can appreciate them as a past struggle and a current triumph. I’m still happy everytime I get in the bathtub and find that there is space around me, and I still notice when I sit in a chair with arms on it. I kind of thought that I wouldn’t even notice these little victories anymore, but I seem to find something like that to celebrate every day.

    I hope the same for you! I think you are doing a good job with coming up with reasons to be motivated. Best of luck to you!!

  2. I’m looking forward to the day when someone accidentally makes a fat joke in my presence and then looks at me and I have to say, “Its okay…”

  3. These are fantastic–I think all of us can relate to a few of these. I think the “chance of precipitation thighs” is brilliant–and something I certainly am looking forward to!

    My project right now is learning how to use my sewing machine by taking in all my “fat” clothes. (especially since I cannot afford to buy new ones right now!) Interesting thought about the tablecloth…maybe I’ll make one out of the scraps of my old clothes…

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