Space Heaters Needed

One thing I’ve noticed during my time on Weight Watchers is how absolutely cold I’ve been feeling – let alone that my winter coat is now just enough too large that gusts of wind seem to accost me up the back of it on a regular basis.

At my office, sometimes I’ll heat up a ceramic cup of water just to have something to hold my icicle-like fingers over.  I even considered purchasing these hideous but functional items: 
They’re heated gloves that plug into your USB port – for the frosty typist everywhere.

At home, it’s not uncommon to find me in bed at all hours, huddled under layer upon layer of knit, down, fleece, and woolen defence against the temperature.

There’s no denying that winter in Wisconsin is cold enough to make anyone but an Eskimo shiver, hide, and pray for someone to transport them anyplace else on earth but here.  It somehow seems extra frigid right now, so I went in search of an actual physical explanation.

My trusty sidekick Google kicked back nothing of use for the search term “feeling cold while losing weight.”  Mystified, I decided to try “feeling cold while dieting” even though I don’t believe WW to be a diet.  Lo and behold – thousands upon thousands of explanations.

One site I visited gave so many fantastical suggestions for my icy temperature that I wouldn’t have been surprised if some of the last few had been “You may be cold because there’s a penguin sitting next to you” or “You may feel the cold more while dieting because celery has magical properties from the North Pole.” 

After further reseach, the two most common reasons seem to be that fewer calories mean a slower metabolism, and that losing weight results in (duh) losing a great deal of body insulation.

So it would appear that there’s nothing I can do besides layer up and wait it out.  Spring has to show up sometime, right?


5 thoughts on “Space Heaters Needed

  1. Hmm-I never thought connected the two, but you may have a point. I know it’s a pain to have a coat that does nothing because the wind goes right up my back. And my office is always freezing in the winter. But even in normal situations I find myself searching for a sweater. Ah well–I’d rather be thinner & cold anyway! 🙂

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