The Broad Broad’s Top Eleven Workout Tunes

Usually lists like these are composed of ten items.  However, I love all eleven of these tracks and couldn’t part with one of them for the sake of conformity.

I ❤ my iPod shuffle.  My little blue metallic friend goes everywhere I go, and is the only witness to my horrific attempts at singing in my car.  Lately, it’s been the force driving me to work out.  If I had to listen to my own panting, shuffling, gasping, .etc., I might just give up and head home to some Ben and Jerry’s.

So here’s my current favorites for keeping me motivated.  Some of them are a tad unconventional, some a little too juvenile for a 24 year old, and some of them too elderly for a 24 year old.  Give them a listen at a music site before you judge my taste in melodies.

1. Jordin Sparks – One Step At a Time
It was no contest for this song to be my number one.  This tune is pretty much my life theme song right now.  I listen to it on my way to work, on my way home from work, and at least twice every time I work out.  Besides being upbeat, the lyrics remind me that losing weight isn’t going to happen all at once (even if the actual lyrics are about an entirely different subject).

2. Otis Redding – Love Man
Dirty Dancing, anyone?  Through some travesty of justice, I didn’t see this movie until my second year of college.  To my delight, it’s nearly always on the OnDemand free movie list from my cable provider.  If you don’t swing your hips while listening to this song, you have a malfunction somewhere.

3. Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
I adore Katy Perry.  Her music is the freshest sound I’ve heard in a long time, and the beat of this song is absolutely perfect for riding a stationery bike – it’s like your feet magically follow the club-like bass, making for near effortless movement.  Wow, I sound like I’m doing an infomercial for Katy Perry instead of a list of music.  Hmm, sad.

4. Across the Universe Soundtrack – Helter Skelter
The frantic pace of this song makes me flip to it every time I’m just about to heave a sigh and pass out over the handlebars of the bike.  I’ve named it to my personal “ambulance list” as well as my favorite music.

5. Miley Cyrus – See You Again
Laugh and ridicule all you want.  Go ahead, seriously, I’ll wait.  While I definitely don’t count myself among Miley’s legions of screaming, hormonal fans, I do like this song. It’s another one of those songs with a fast and fun beat, especially the chorus.

6. All American Rejects – Move Along
Listening to this one is like having your own personal trainer telling you to get in gear.  Perhaps it’s some kind of musical hypnosis, but when you hear a voice saying “move along” repeatedly, it induces you to keep going.

7. Boys Like Girls – Great Escape
I’ve loved this song for a long time.  It’s just fun to listen to – and that’s all I have to say about that.

8. Britney Spears – Stronger
No workout music list is complete without some Britney Spears.  Her life may be an irresistible train wreck, but her music is so assuredly pop and frantic that it’s hard not to be motivated by it.

9. Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi
I realize this one dates me a little, but I’m cool with that.  Sk8er Boi is so fast-paced that it makes it impossible to slump along while you’re working out.

10. Paramore – Misery Business
Ah yes, an “angry female” song.  This is the one I turn on when I’m pissed off during my workout.  I mean, could the time clock countdown any slower?   Could my shirt be any sweatier?  Could my makeup be any more melted down my face, making me look like a clown that went through a car wash? (Yes, I realize I’m channeling Chandler Bing here.)

11. John Mayer – Bigger Than My Body
And last but not least, Mr. Mayer.  The title of this song is a tad humorous to someone trying to drop pounds, but the message remains great and motivational.

Am I missing out on some fabulous music that would make my legs move faster and my pores sweat more profusely?  I’m open to suggestion.


8 thoughts on “The Broad Broad’s Top Eleven Workout Tunes

  1. junior senior, brazilian girls – both fantastic for opening you to a different genre of music that would fit with what you seem to like.

    I’m suprised there’s no rihanna on there with your love of pop. She is my fav when it comes to the pop-ladies of today.

  2. I do have several Rihanna songs on my iPod but none of them seem to mesh with my workout yet. I listen to Disturbia every once in awhile but something about it just doesn’t work. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definitely check them out!

  3. What about Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus? Also, Tick Tick Boom by The Hives, When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney, Just Dance by Lady Gaga, Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon, Touch Me by Supreme Beings of Leisure and Do You Wanna by the Kooks? I’m sure I’ll think of some more later, so I’ll send you some updates when that happens. 🙂

  4. FYI–There is a Dirty Dancing DVD Workout w/Love Man on it. It’s hilarious. Takes some of the dances from the film and puts them to the music from the film (not necessarily with the same one). Love Man is one of the songs–a great one to work out to! 🙂

  5. My favorite workout song of all time!! Eye of the Tiger – HA!! I’m not a Rocky fan, but that song keeps me going in the gym!

  6. Hey! I just started reading your blog and I love it!!! I’m about 6 months into my weight loss journey now. Down 35 lbs! Although I did take a little break off WWOnline went I went abroad for three months.

    Anyway! We totally have similar taste in music! All of those songs are on my gym playlist except that Otis Redding song. I prefer Sitting on the Dock. But I thought you might like these…

    Figure it Out – Plain White T’s
    Miracles Happen – Myra (shamefully from the Princess Diaries movie)
    Perfect Day – Hoku (Legally Blonde)
    Run Around – Blues Traveler
    SOS – Rihanna
    New Shoes – Paolo Nutini
    Sunshine – All American Rejects
    I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy
    So What – Pink

    *and of course! Most any fast song from Glee’s soundtrack. Especially Rehab and Don’t Stop Believing

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