Disappointingly Rewarded

As I hit 20 lbs. down this weekend, it was time to purchase myself a reward once again.  I decided a movie might be a worthy prize, and set out to buy one I had wanted for quite awhile, but hadn’t seen – the second X-Files movie.  Yup, I’m a science fiction girl (but not a Trekkie or Trekie or Trekker or whatever moniker those fond of the show use).  I was so proud of shedding the equivalent of four sacks of potatoes that I even bought the special edition like the secret geek I am.

… it sucked, to put it mildly.  The movie was nothing close to what the X-Files used to be, a smart, witty, and often downright terrifying show.  As the credits began to roll, I set down the remote with an air of disbelief, asking myself, “This is what I forced myself to eat sweet potatoes for?”

After my severe disappointment lessened some, I thought I’d try again.  Didn’t I deserve something spectacular for working so hard? This time, I went shopping for a spring dress.  I hit Old Navy, JC Penney, Kohls, and even the hideously-named Dress Barn (the staples of shopping near a small town) yesterday and ran into a host of troubles.

I had seen a dress on Old Navy’s online store that would be perfect: it was purple, light, airy, ruffly, and girly – everything a spring sundress should be.  I went to the store, and nearly squealed with excitement when I saw it.  I flipped through the rack, trying eagerly to find my size, and was confronted with a new and odd situation: while XXL was usually missing from the rack, there was an XXL hanging there, and XL was glaringly missing.  Definitely something I haven’t been faced with probably since grunge was in fashion – something on the rack was too big for me, and my size was missing. 😦

The rest of the stores had my size, but every other dress paled in comparison to the purple sundress.  I returned home from my quest disappointed yet again.  I hold out some hope, however.  A reward for being 25 pounds down and hitting my 10 percent can’t be far behind!


5 thoughts on “Disappointingly Rewarded

  1. Congrats on the 20 lbs and even better congrats on having to go down a size!! That makes the weight loss even more a reality.
    Keep your eyes out for that dress–it’ll be so rewarding when you find it. Is it online??

  2. Julia, I totally went back to the store and did that. I tried on the weird orange flower print version, and it looked okay… I’m just so hesitant to order things like clothes online! Lol.

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