I Heart Chopsticks

My love of chopsticks got its foundation during my college years.  I was FAB – Flat Ass Broke.  I literally lived on approximately $250 per month (my shared suite and utilities were taken care of by my grants and loans) to pay my cell phone, credit card, sorority, and food bills + any other expenses (say, if I’d like to not be naked as I went to class).  So I did what any other destitute college kid would do – I ate Ramen noodles.

Ah, Ramen noodles.  A bowlful of salty goodness for the price of a shiny dime.  Eaten with a fork, however, those carb-loaded noodles went down pretty fast and left me hungering for another package like a hyena out scavenging for its next meal.  One night I discovered a way to stay fuller, longer by accident.

I decided that to be “authentic” I should eat my Ramen noodles with chopsticks (no, this decision did not involve buckets full of tequila, but I understand how it would sound that way).  It predictably took me much longer to eat them as I stabbed, twisted, finagled, and nearly played a drum solo on the bowl just in order to get a few noodles successfully picked up.

It took me 25 minutes to eat that bowl of Ramen noodles.

After all that, I was totally full.  So now, I’ve tried to incorporate chopsticks into as many meals as possible, though my technique has definitely improved. 

I was even planning to use them to eat brown rice from Trader Joe’s the other day – MONUMENTAL mistake.  Not a mistake because of the chopsticks, but because of the rice.  I thought I’d once again be adventurous and try something new, and got bitten again.  Disgusting! Though, I’ve heard since then that I was supposed to pair the rice with something, not just eat it plain.  Oh well! Onward and upward.


5 thoughts on “I Heart Chopsticks

  1. Ah yes! I’m with you on the Ramen. It was definitely a college staple, although I never ate mine with chopsticks. I should have!!

    I do remember that I preferred to cook the noodles, drain the broth and then mix the seasoning packet with butter instead of having it as soup. I’ve come so far… 🙂

  2. I’m an ex-Ramen junkie too. That was about all we could afford when we got married. And on payday we had grilled cheeses with the noodles!

    I have tried using chopsticks so many times. I usually just end up stabbing the food with the chopsticks and calling it a day. LOL But a lot of the Japanese restaurants have chopstick helpers to help you learn how to use them. They’re neat cheaters that hold the chopsticks in position.

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