Week Eleven Results

Working out and I are not best buds.  We don’t hit up Starbucks on the weekend, giggle over boys, or text about the fashion faux pas we encounter on our daily treks.  In fact, I’d say that working out and I would be considered frenemies… considering I both hate it and would love to kiss it right now.  I worked out a *ton* this week.  I even threw on some jeans and a sweatshirts and walked a mile twice, besides my normal three workouts.  I lifted weights in front of the television.

Cha-ching! I lost 2.6 pounds last week.  I’m hoping that I can keep up this kind of activity intensity, because I’d sure love to see those kind of numbers every single Saturday morning from here until -100 pounds.

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 217.4
BMI: 32.1


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