Warning: Weight Loss Side Effect of a Personal Nature

Here’s my disclaimer: if you’re a guy reading this, and “women problems” freak you out, send your mouse running for the back button as soon as possible.

This is pretty personal, but I figure everything I’ve written here, is already so incredibly personal that I might as well spill the rest.

Sunday morning, after lazing about and watching Twilight (yes, I like Twilight.  No, I’m not a crazy “fanpire.” I’m just a fan of undead eye candy), I hopped in the shower.  While I was scrubbing up, I found it… a dreaded lump.

Hypochondriac that I am, I immediately thought to my 24-year-old self, “OMG, I have a lump on one of my ta-tas.  I’m going to die.”  The rest of the day I had a silent mental freakout and whenever I had the chance to duck into a bathroom stall, kept poking at myself to see if it had gone away.  Nope, still there.

This inward stress-fest continued until I got to work Monday morning, when I decided to woman-up and make an appointment to see a professional.  I hastily scanned the list of providers at my clinic until I found a woman listed amongst the reproductive health doctors. 

To make a long story short… apparently my weight loss is to blame, inadvertently.  Because I lost so much weight, my bras were no longer supportive enough, causing a ligament to become inflamed and more noticeable.

I left the clinic red in the face, for sure, and headed to the nearest Target to pick up a cheap (but smaller band-sized) bra.  So here’s a tip to all the women on this journey with me: support your ladies upstairs! 😉


2 thoughts on “Warning: Weight Loss Side Effect of a Personal Nature

  1. Lol, thanks Kelly! It’s definitely an odd problem but I guess it’s happened to other people as well. 😉

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