One of the tenets of Weight Watchers is that you have to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day.  Some sources of health information go even further: they say you should drink half your body weight in ounces each day.  By that rule, I’d be chugging down 108 ounces every day!

My first couple of weeks on this plan, I felt like just popping a straw in the closest fish tank and going to it might be easier (sorry fishies, take one for Team Lisa).  Or maybe I should hit up the famed Culligan man and just strap a tank of it to my back a la Rocketman? Buy one of those stadium helmets so beloved by rednecks everywhere for the use of beer cans but instead pop Evian bottles into the holders so I could mainline spring-fresh H2O all day?

The strategizing to make myself suck down that much water ranged from the absolutely ridic. to the sublimely sane.  I considered using Crystal Light – I’m still considering it, but right now I feel I already gobble up so much artificial sweetener as it is that I might start sweating Sweet ‘N Low out my pores one of these days.  I started using a sorority cup when I’m at home, figuring if I like the receptacle, I might be more inclined to drink what’s in it.

Basically, I’m still looking for ways to make drinking so much water doable.  I end up getting it in, but it might as well be water torture instead of water consumption.


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