An Odd Sense of Freedom

Recently I’ve been noticing that something is just… off.  Something didn’t feel right every place I walked, every familiar place I sat, etc.

I pondered (and privately questioned my sanity) for weeks.  There was an odd sense of freedom and too much space around me that I couldn’t figure out.

Answer Part 1: My knee-pudge used to (gross, I know) brush against each other when I walked.  No longer are my knees bound together by fat!  My thighs are the next target, but I’m happy to have that space that means the “flock of seagulls” swishing sound that used to happen when I walked is considerably quieter.

Answer Part 2: My hips must have also shrunk because 1) they no longer touch the sides of my work chair and 2) they no longer touch the armrest and the door in my car. 

So I’ve gone from a sense of being boxed-in by my environment, to finally fitting within its confines easily.  Doing so was a little unsettling at first, but I’m getting used to it, and I love it.  Keep shrinking, hips and leg flab!

Oh, and the rest of me can take that message to heart as well.


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