Week Twenty-Six Results

I’m late on posting this.  I’ve been trying to process, not feel ashamed, and gear myself up for the next WI.  I had a small gain this week of .2 lbs.  I’m torn between attributing it to starting Couch to 5K, and trying not to make excuses for myself.  Either way, I will be better next week!

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 193.6
BMI: 28.6


7 thoughts on “Week Twenty-Six Results

  1. I started Couch to 5k July 5th and it is not bad at all! I am about 100lbs heavier than you are and also doing weight watchers, so I am almost sure you won’t have any problems! I just downloaded it and told myself I can’t have any excuses! Every time I complete a run (I am shooting for the 3 times a week) I put a sticker on my calendar to represent my accomplishment!

    Good Luck!

  2. I just read your post date and noticed your twitter updates right after I commented, Way to Go on starting!!!

  3. Jenna, thank you for the inspiration and the vote of confidence! I really enjoy the idea of using a calendar with stickers – if you don’t mind, could I steal it from you? Lol.

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