Running in the Rain

I’ve been pretty lazy this week.  Like, extremely lazy.  So Wednesday night I was determined to drag my sloth-like behind off the futon and do Week 2 of C25K.

Mother Nature was not on my side.  She tried to thwart me, seriously.  At the time I was supposed to meet Allison to run, rain fell from the sky with fire-hose force.  Not to be defeated, we waited half an hour and went while it was still sprinkling.  I’d never run in the rain before, but here’s what I learned:

1) Never wear pants – at least not without the waistband duct-taped to you.  If you wear pants, they will absorb all the water on the ground and begin to drag said pants towards the ground like slow, deliberate torture.  I hitched my waistband up to the band of my bra.  I rolled the waistband.  I ran with one hand desperately clutching the waistband.  Then two hands.  Let’s just say I’m surprised I managed to make it home without anyone viewing my undies.

2) Do not bring your cell phone, even if it is not directly being rained on.  My armband gathered moisture around my cell phone and fogged up the little plastic pocket anyways.  Pointless, and I’m glad not to have ruined my cell.

3) It is also pointless to try and keep your feet dry.  By the end of my workout, my shoes had become sponges and soaked up any moisture they could find.  The squishing noises my shoes made on the last leg of my walk home might have been humorous, if I hadn’t been too tired to laugh.

4) Do not run in the rain.  It does not make you hardcore.  It just makes you look ridiculous when you arrive home, whether soaking wet or just slightly damp.

Needless to say, next time it rains, I’ll be staying indoors and waiting for sunnier skies.


2 thoughts on “Running in the Rain

  1. The one time I ran in the rain all of the afforementioned items happened to me. AND I got pooped on my a bird…in my EAR!!!!!! It was an awful experience so I totally feel ya. But way to go anyways!

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