Week Thirty Results/Serious Time

It’s taken me quite a long time to post my results from my WI last week.  The truth is, I’ve struggled a little bit the last couple of weeks.  Last week, I gained .4 pounds.  No, I know it’s not a lot.  But maybe it’s indicative.

I like to think I’m some sort of Super Woman at this whole weight loss/Weight Watchers thing.  But I struggle.  It’s now been seven months for me on WW, and I’ve found that I’m constantly thinking about/doing something for the plan.  Always thinking about my next meal, my next workout, buying workout gear, writing on the message boards, etc.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that it was too much, that it was overkill.

So from now on, I vow to work just as hard at WW.  But I’m going to make time for me, for the things I enjoy.  And no matter what shows up on the scale tomorrow, I’m going to be happy.  My journey is going to keep going, and I *will* make it to goal.

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 189.6
BMI: 28.0


4 thoughts on “Week Thirty Results/Serious Time

  1. Looks like you are doing great. I lost 130 on WW. I think that going hardcore like you did is a great thing and it will bring great success, but adding in some balance of things you enjoy will really make it a lifetime thing which is more livable. I struggle with that part because I am kind of an extreme person. Keep on keeping on

  2. That is seriously such an important part of all of this, perhaps the most important.

    When you hit goal, it doesn’t stop, so it’s great that you’re making the plan more realistic and about you and the things you enjoy because that’s the way life should be!

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