Week Forty-Three Results/Hallo-Weekend Update

I had a crazilicious weekend!  To start with: weigh-in.  Considering the junk I allowed myself to eat last week, I am happy to see that I maintained my weight – I didn’t lose,  but I didn’t gain, either.  Woohoo!

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 178.0 lbs.
BMI: 26.3

On to my first ever 5K – it was amazing! I was so incredibly nervous beforehand.  I even had a nightmare the night before that the planners screwed up the race layout, and I subsequently got lost, yet they wouldn’t let me start over and Sleeping Lisa was very upset about that.  Lol. 

But, the Halloween Fearless 5K around Como Lake in St. Paul was just great.  It was a very relaxed atmosphere and the majority of people seemed to be there just for fun, which was fabulous.  My grandma, my mom, one of my sisters, my brother-in-law, his brother, and my 3 month-old niece all came to cheer me on (and snap pictures of me along the way, as seen below).


Halfway done! Trying to keep going and look decent in front of my fam.

They also brought me this great trophy, cleverly changed to read “Best Looking Runner.” 


Best Costume? Not anymore.

After a few treats and a quick nap, I donned my scandalous Wonder Woman costume for a night/early morning on the town with friends.  I don’t think I’ve worn something this short in public in a long, long time – but it got some very uh… positive… reactions and overall, it was a great night.  How great? I spent most of Sunday in bed recovering.


Save the world *and* party? Okay!

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who encouraged me with running/Couch to 5K – especially Allison, my first C25K buddy; Cindycita, also my C25K buddy; Wendy, my running guru; and Connie, who bought me my first running socks and helped me purchase my first pair of running shoes.  Also, a special thank you to the wonderful Emjay who designed my t-shirt for my 5K.  Thank you all!

What’s up next? Another 5K, of course! I’m running the Turkey Trot 5K on the morning of Nov. 7, 2009.


4 thoughts on “Week Forty-Three Results/Hallo-Weekend Update

  1. LISA! You are amazing! I am so excited and unbelievable proud of you! 🙂 Way to go YOU BIG LOSER!!! ha! ha! I crack myself up!!!

  2. You look fantastic! Congrats for running the 5K–I’m sure it was a great feeling of accomplishment to complete it! You don’t need a costume–you ARE a superhero! 🙂

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