I Like to Wear My Food on My Skin.

Before you picture me smearing myself with a bowlful of mashed potatoes and gravy, let me clear up the meaning behind the title for you. 

It has been pointed out to me that nearly every body product or scented purchase I’ve made in the past few months have all had one thing in common – they all smell like food.

There’s the Pumpkin Pie lotion from Bath and Body Works, my Sprite-scented lip gloss, and did I mention that I’m currently burning a candle in my bedroom called “Vanilla Cupcake?”  I’m also in possession of peppermint lotion, Dr. Pepper lip gloss, chocolate ice cream body whip, and vanilla ice cream body mist. 

Honestly, I didn’t realize this until someone else told me.  So I have to wonder about my subconscious, here.  Am I living out my food dreams and desires through inedible items? Apparently.

And it keeps happening.  Last weekend, I picked up blueberry body wash and strawberry deodorant.

If I remember correctly, though, the Great and Wonderful Cosmopolitan Magazine printed an article awhile ago stating that guys find food scents the most attractive on women.  Hmm… anyone ever tested this theory in person? Maybe it’s time for me to try.


4 thoughts on “I Like to Wear My Food on My Skin.

  1. I’m sure those boys could just “eat you up” yuk yuk (im such a dweeb). Yes, tell us more about ze love life with the new bangin bod? Got boys drooling left and right? I bet you do, pretty girl.

  2. Lol, I wish, Ashley! I feel like I get noticed more… let’s just say I’m getting more bites, but none have reeled me in yet. 😉 Mr. Right will come along one of these days, I hope!

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