Week Fifty-Three Results

*waves a non-fond farewell to her holiday weight* Yahoo! This week I lost 3.2 lbs., finally telling my holiday gain to hit the road and not come back (well… until next year, at least).

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 169.4 lbs.
BMI: 25.0

And, as an added bonus, 25.0 is the last BMI value for which I can be considered overweight.  24.9, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Week Fifty-Three Results

  1. The elusive 24.9 BMI and you almost there! (probably are by the time you read this). That’s really fantastic! What an amazing change you have made for yourself 🙂

  2. Thank you! I had a bit of a set back now, but that’s not going to stop me! That BMI classification of “normal” is MINE, lol.

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