Week Fifty-Seven Results

As a reminder, I WI on Saturdays.  I just generally wait to post my results in order to get some perspective on them.

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 168.8 lbs.
BMI: 24.9

You’re reading that correctly – I finally reached a so-called “normal” BMI.  But, as I Tweeted last night, I’m pretty sure that is temporary.  WW is on hold while I try to get better, and I’ll admit I was feeling so sorry for myself that I ate a Twix bar for breakfast yesterday.  Do I feel guilty about it? Not in the slightest.  And so, as the fabulous Jen reminded me via Twitter, this week could be called a “preview” – that’s how I’m going to look at it.

If you are reading this post and not viewing it at thebroadbroad.wordpress.com, be aware you are reading stolen material.  Please visit my blog at its original site.


5 thoughts on “Week Fifty-Seven Results

  1. Mini yay until that is a solid scale reading for you. Being sick sucks and I know seeing a number and then it going away sucks, but it’s still an achievement & you are still doing the work! 🙂

  2. That is such fantastic news! (not being sick of course) I know you will be able to stabilise the weight loss and see lower and lower BMIs everyday! How much more weight are you planning to lose?

  3. ohh, I feel special! Okay, I think you will look thin at 145…well I hope so because I think you are looking pretty darn good now, and you’re an inch taller than me and I thought 145 would be on the low side for me…but only time will tell, right?

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