Ask Me a Q (Or 2!)

All of you lovely people who read this blog are absolutely amazing, and many of you have sent me great emails with questions about my WLJ and about weight loss in general.  So, in the near future, I’m going to do a posting of these Q’s and A’s since many of them are similar.  Want to include a question? Email me at or Tweet one @thebroadbroad.


3 thoughts on “Ask Me a Q (Or 2!)

  1. I got a wordpress account and subscribed to your blog! I’m also making a blog of my own now.. Yours has been so inspiring. Hopefully mine will help people as well!

  2. MUAH! Can’t wait for the Q & A as I’m sure they are the same questions as I would have! You’re such an inspiration and your willingness to make your journey so public (and expose yourself to thieves, really how do they think they can get away with it!) makes it so much more amazing! Go girl!

  3. Lindsay, I just read your blog – you’re doing amazing! ❤ the new pic you posted.

    Dana, I am so inspired by you and think it's so awesome you're going to blog about your triathlon training! I'm not quite ready to join you but I would love to be there to cheer you on (maybe Cindy would be in, too?).

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