Jesus Gets My Share of the Soda

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, a.k.a. the start of the Christian time period of Lent. I’ve spent the bulk of my life as a perpetually-lapsed Catholic, so generally, I haven’t paid more attention than the time it takes to make a derisive snort to others when they’ve said they’re giving something up for the duration.

Fat Lisa didn’t need Fat Tuesday in order to mow down an entire refrigerator’s worth of eatables on any given day. Fat Lisa saw absolutely no point in giving up any sort of the calorie-laden items she regularly binged on, and didn’t see why anyone else would want to, either. I mean really, who gives up Cheetos, Twinkies, and cheesecake voluntarily? Crazy folks, that’s who.

Well, as a bigger part of this WLJ, I’m trying to become a better person. And though I don’t post about it, reconnecting with my religion is part of that. I’m down with G-O-D, Jesus is my homeboy, and all that stuff along those lines.

So I’m going to give up soda.

I can hear you all now – “Awww, c’mon now, be more inventive!” I know, right? It’s what every person under the sun, their Uncle Ted, and their pet gerbil gives up for Lent. However, I think it’s perfect for me, because as my number of daily points has dwindled and waned, I have become a serious diet soda addict. Srsly.

For example, last weekend I went through an entire 12-pack of Diet Sunkist Lemonade. That’s six cans of faux-sugary sweetness per day. And, as my Twitter buds know, I’m also best friends with Sugar Free Rockstar (an energy drink), which (TMI) will make you pee the color of battery acid, but also promises to keep your chin from crashing into your desk at your 9-5.

Diet soda generally has less than 10 calories. It really doesn’t hurt your WLJ in terms of poundage. BUT, all things in moderation, and I’m certainly having no part of the “moderation” section of that saying right now. So really, this is a good thing. I hereby swear (on pain of… death? Lightning bolt straight from Heaven? I dunno) that starting tomorrow, not a single sip of soda will pass my lips until Easter Sunday.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if severe caffeine withdrawals cause me to become an incredibly crank-tastic Broad Broad. Read/Tweet from now on at your own risk.


6 thoughts on “Jesus Gets My Share of the Soda

  1. I don’t care what anyone says! Giving up soda is a ROUGH one! I don’t even like giving it up and I only have the occasional Diet Coke during the week and as a mixer over the weekends… I think it’s the taking the option away that gets me more than anything… ugh!

  2. LM,

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I’ve been following it for a while thanks to the WW message boards. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

    As for Lent, I decided last week that I needed to give up chocolate candy/candy in general. It’s definitely hindered my personal WLJ. Good luck with giving up soda though. You can do it!

  3. I admire you. I just started my waitressing job and am most likely going to be working nights… I have a feeling that Rockstar and any variation of will become a part of me… Not to mention free soda while I’m on duty… Oi. At least the tea is also free, and the food 1/2 price up to a limit… Not good, not good for me at all!
    I’m Catholic as well, I know exactly what you’ve explained here.
    Thank you again for complete and total honesty! You rock!

  4. Amy – totally true. I definitely miss the option of having a soda more than actually drinking it, lol!

    Lauren – TY! I’m on my way to catch up on your blog right now.

    Dana – how’s your new job going? How’s training going?

    Melissa – Twitter<3!

  5. Diet soda is my addiction as well. I gave it up last year for 2 months and then around xmas time i was off the wagon. People laugh when i compare it to a cigarette addiction. Not so extreme i know but still addictive.
    This week i made a big jug of crystal light orange flavored water, YUMMY! Prevented me from drinking the soda at home but still drinkng a 20oz. bottle a day at work.

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