Prior/Future PriorFatGirl Meetup!

This Saturday was all around super fantabulous (I’m aware that’s not a word, Sir Spell Check, kthnxbai). After WI, I scrambled to haul my behind from my hometown to The Beat Coffee House in Minneapolis to meet the amazing Jen from and other women who have made/are in the middle of/are starting a weight loss journey.

Truth: I was extremely, extremely nervous. I’ve met plenty of people as Lisa, 25-year-old Wisconsinite who works in higher education, loves shopping, drives with more than a hint of road rage and disrespect for local vehicle noise laws, grew up in a town of just over 1,000 people and loves to laugh and talk your ear off once she gets to know you. Up until this weekend, I’d never met anyone as Lisa, that still-slightly-chubby girl who writes a blog generally complaining about all things weight loss, Tweets every five seconds, and basically displays some of her most private thoughts for the world to view.

So, anxiety. I had no illusions that anyone there (besides Nicole and Jess from the WW community/Twitterverse) would have actually read my blog/seen me on the message boards, and yet, I still agonized. If they had read my blog/seen my picture, would I measure up to their expectations? Would I be skinny enough, funny enough, etc.?

The morning of, I took my feelings out on my closet. I did the famous hanger-slam as I flipped through my wardrobe. I scoffed at outfits I previously raved about and flung the unworthy to the floor.

And then, I stopped. I said, “Eff it. Be yourself. Yourself does not wear skirts at 10 a.m. on Saturday.”

That was another moment where I knew I’d changed. Old Lisa would have continued to freak out until the moment her hand grasped the coffee house door handle, and actually, probably until the event was over and I was back, safe in the confines of my beat-up Saturn. Instead, I decided to throw on my trusty denim leggings, brown suede knee-high boots, and a tunic-length navy t-shirt with a new apple-green tank underneath for luck, and go in without the apprehension.

So I went. And Jen greeted us all with a hug, who isn’t put at ease by that? I introduced myself to people I’d never met, struck up conversations, and even confessed one of my worst fears (anonymously) on a notecard provided to us by Jen. Each of us then selected someone else’s fear to read aloud – another of my fears: speaking in public.

But New Lisa showed her face again. I walked to the front, spoke, and wasn’t even afraid to cast my eyes on the crowd in front of me. I felt at home amongst these women; they know what it’s like to walk down the path of weight loss.

So thank you so much to Jen, Amanda, and Lindsay from, and to all the sponsors of the event (Mom’s Best Naturals, Popsicle, Smart Food, Funky Monkey, Fiber One, Amy’s Organics, Saiba Smart, Better Balance, Light Life, Orgain, and Barney Butter)! It was a wonderful experience, and I got to meet some amazing people and try some great new products. BTW, Barney Butter is now my new obsession. I’d never tried almond butter before but it was deliciousssss.

A special thank you to Nicole and Jess for introducing me to Tatters Vintage Clothing in Minneapolis afterwards – I bought the cutest brown plaid crop-jacket. (Plus, I think we all deserve medals for surviving those crazy-slippery sidewalks. Us FTW!)

P.S. Have you found me on Twitter yet? I’ll tell you way more about my life than you want to know. I’m @thebroadbroad, and Jen is @priorfatgirl, Nicole is @nicycle, and Jess is @jessinader. Those ladies are fabulously entertaining and interesting! You can also find Nicole at, including some pictures from Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Prior/Future PriorFatGirl Meetup!

  1. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday! Congrats on all of your successes. I absolutely love your writing! I will definitely be stalking you via the blogosphere. Until next time…

  2. Beth, wish I could have met you too!

    Miss Nicole – thank you again. It was awesome to meet you and I hope we get to hang out again soon (just not at Jess’s five hour spin class, DO NOT WANT, lol).

    Jen, YOU ARE AMAZING. The event was wonderful and it was great to meet you. Thank you!!!

    Sarah, it was so nice to meet you too! I made my way to your blog this morning and WOW! I love it. I need to start adding more pictures like you!

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