Fabulous Friday #3

It’s Friday, and life is good.

For starters – I don’t have melanoma! Sweet, right? I was super happy to hear that, though less happy to hear that my skin is better at sticking to sutures than itself. So I traded up and got some steristrips instead of stitches… it makes me look far less FrankenBroad, so I’m pretty pleased.

Uh, and I went shopping to celebrate. But I was frugal! And I bought things like a potato peeler and a ladle – you know, stuff I can use to cook healthy meals. I stayed away from clothing because honestly, I have too many items in my closet that are slightly too small/still with tags on that are pining away with loneliness. When I fit into those, I can pick up some new stuff.

WW went very well this week. I haven’t peeked at the scale because I want to be completely surprised tomorrow morning, but I’m optimistic. I did make the tough decisions this week. I did hit the good health guidelines each day. I did get in activity (hey, I even biked in the rain until tornado sirens sent me pedaling for cover).

So knock on the scale, I hope it goes well tomorrow. Thanks for reading and for all the support!


6 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday #3

  1. Well… You are much more dedicated to biking than I. I mean, I train in rain some so it isn’t horrific if it rains on race day… But… Storms are still scary. As an alternative, I planted my veggie garden as that storm approached us here in the thumb of WI… And then it fizzled to virtually nothing!
    PS. So proud of you!

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