You Can’t Beat the Heat (But It’s Cold Out Now)

Wisconsin got the first snowfall of the season a few days ago – and already I can tell quite a few things have changed with the temperature and general color of nature.

I’m wishing for summer, not just for the usual reasons (sunshine, swimming, boating, and the lack of worrying weather my tiny car will get stuck in the snow). When I’m overheated, I could care less about eating. Give me a bunch of grapes and I’m good for hours. When I’m cold, I could clear out Subway’s bread cabinet in five seconds flat.

There’s all sorts of scientific mumbo jumbo about why this happens (http://tinyurl.com/5vepkw) but I’m less concerned with the “why” than the “how do I stop myself from eating an entire pot of cheesy baked potato soup?” And it’s not just food – in the summer, a Captain and Diet Coke full of ice with the potential to water down my alcohol sounds great. Now? Give me a Bailey’s and coffee. Or a cup of hot chocolate laced with butterscotch Schnapps.

Anyone else’s local retail store start stocking Christmas items even before Halloween? Mine did. All that chocolate, cookies, almond bark, etc., have been calling to me for nearly a month now, and it’s still 37 days until Christmas (thanks for the reminder, Bebe ;)). I’m pretty sure this year the Season of Splurge might last for more than three months – Halloween turns into Thanksgiving turns into Christmas turns into my birthday. This is the time of year where I got derailed in a big way last year.

My strategery (hehe):
– find low-Point hot items like microwavable soup, Laughing Cow and olive oil grilled cheese, etc.
– drink coffee or sugar free apple cider throughout the day
– work out in the snow. Have you ever walked through ankle-high snow? It’s a schweaty, heart rate raising trek.
– avoid the holiday section of stores like an ex-boyfriend
– keep my eyes on the prize

As to that last item on the list – my sister Stacey and I are going to Las Vegas in January, and it would be soooooo much more awesome to be celebrating both my b-day and getting to goal in Sin City. Plus I want to be able to wear some smoking hot outfits worthy of Kim Kardashian while I’m there.

How do you banish the munchies when the thermometer dips?


Heeeeere’s Lisa!

Oh hai thar.

The rumors are false; I have not, in fact, died and gone to Twinkie heaven.

Honestly, I just wanted to have time where instead of blasting my feelings externally, I kept things a tad more private and took stock of some things.

So, what’s the what with my WLJ? Here’s an update for you. Since my last posting, I have:

– finished a 10K race. A very, very hilly 10K race, in which I didn’t walk at all. Big shout out to my bro-in-law John for running with me!
– been going to ballet every week and falling absolutely in love with it.
– maintaining my weight. That’s right, today I stand here at 170.4 lbs.
– eating my feelings, just a little (BUT, see next bullet point!)
– got rid of the boy that was stressing me out and played a part in me wanting to eat my feelings.

Ladies, beware: commitment-phobic, friends-with-benefits-seeking boys are out there. And sometimes, they hide in the guise of a decent guy. I’m pretty proud of myself that I had enough self esteem to say “Enough is enough.” I was not about to make someone a priority, to whom I was only an option.

And now I find myself talking to a far sweeter guy. First date coverage coming up soon. 😉

My running season is officially over, and I find myself mulling winter activity options. To join a gym, or not to join a gym? How do you work out in the chilly months of the year?