Heeeeere’s Lisa!

Oh hai thar.

The rumors are false; I have not, in fact, died and gone to Twinkie heaven.

Honestly, I just wanted to have time where instead of blasting my feelings externally, I kept things a tad more private and took stock of some things.

So, what’s the what with my WLJ? Here’s an update for you. Since my last posting, I have:

– finished a 10K race. A very, very hilly 10K race, in which I didn’t walk at all. Big shout out to my bro-in-law John for running with me!
– been going to ballet every week and falling absolutely in love with it.
– maintaining my weight. That’s right, today I stand here at 170.4 lbs.
– eating my feelings, just a little (BUT, see next bullet point!)
– got rid of the boy that was stressing me out and played a part in me wanting to eat my feelings.

Ladies, beware: commitment-phobic, friends-with-benefits-seeking boys are out there. And sometimes, they hide in the guise of a decent guy. I’m pretty proud of myself that I had enough self esteem to say “Enough is enough.” I was not about to make someone a priority, to whom I was only an option.

And now I find myself talking to a far sweeter guy. First date coverage coming up soon. 😉

My running season is officially over, and I find myself mulling winter activity options. To join a gym, or not to join a gym? How do you work out in the chilly months of the year?