Heeeeere’s Lisa!

Oh hai thar.

The rumors are false; I have not, in fact, died and gone to Twinkie heaven.

Honestly, I just wanted to have time where instead of blasting my feelings externally, I kept things a tad more private and took stock of some things.

So, what’s the what with my WLJ? Here’s an update for you. Since my last posting, I have:

– finished a 10K race. A very, very hilly 10K race, in which I didn’t walk at all. Big shout out to my bro-in-law John for running with me!
– been going to ballet every week and falling absolutely in love with it.
– maintaining my weight. That’s right, today I stand here at 170.4 lbs.
– eating my feelings, just a little (BUT, see next bullet point!)
– got rid of the boy that was stressing me out and played a part in me wanting to eat my feelings.

Ladies, beware: commitment-phobic, friends-with-benefits-seeking boys are out there. And sometimes, they hide in the guise of a decent guy. I’m pretty proud of myself that I had enough self esteem to say “Enough is enough.” I was not about to make someone a priority, to whom I was only an option.

And now I find myself talking to a far sweeter guy. First date coverage coming up soon. 😉

My running season is officially over, and I find myself mulling winter activity options. To join a gym, or not to join a gym? How do you work out in the chilly months of the year?

7 thoughts on “Heeeeere’s Lisa!

  1. My dear Lisa, my suggestion would be, of course, to splurge on a Wii and buy the EA Active Personal Trainer program (and possibly the balance board). 2 discs are out right now, and EA Active 2 hits the shelves next week. Its the only exercise program that I’ve been able to stick with – and you know just how much I LOVE me some exercise. 😉 Well worth the investment….

  2. Way to go! Knowing that you deserve the best is very important, I’m glad you got rid of that guy from your life and make your SELF the priority. Also congrats on the 10K!!!
    I do belong to a gym, but I also really enjoy workout DVD’s at home.

  3. I’m SO proud of you and your loss!! I’ve been following you right from the start (this is just a new private wordpress username).

    I have the same problem – I walk (bad knee, no running) during the warm months, but now it’s cold… and I have to bring my little monster with me – and no gyms here have daycare 😦

    whoops, didn’t mean to make that comment about me! LOL

  4. I join a gym with the realization it gets little use during the three months of decent weather that Oregon DOES have. I join some classes, switch it up! I do still try to run outside in the crappy weather anyway and sign up for winter races. I just bought some super nice winter running gear! Awesome job on the self esteem front.

  5. I have a gym membership to get me through winter. I did run last night but I was a little worried with the snow/water out there that I would find black ice. I ran just short of 2 miles but it felt good to do it.

    Good job on the 10k! That takes a lot of strength. I haven’t even ran a 5k yet and I don’t know if I will. I want to but I don’t know if I have what it takes.

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