Week Seventy-Two Results/Fabulous… Tuesday?

Have you ever wanted to smash the power button on your computer, wedge it tightly in a box, and make it keep company with the dust bunnies in the back of your closet for a while? I did. As much as I love my computer, the internet, my blog, etc., sometimes you just need to step away. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m constantly plugged into something.

So I sent my laptop on vacay and focused on the non-electronic world for a while. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Here I am, refreshed, and working harder than ever so that I can finally open the box of my new phone.

Okay, at Saturday’s weigh-in: I stayed exactly the same. I’m cool with that!

Starting stats:
Weight: 247 lbs.
BMI: 36.5

Today’s stats:
Weight: 169 lbs.
BMI: 25.0

Last week was good in general. I worked out, tried new foods, had a *gasp* beer… it was great. This week I’m stressing a little because I’ll be going to my sister’s cabin and I’m sure we’ll be going out on their new boat and I might be persuaded to take a ride on the jet ski. You know what that means…

(You must read this next phrase out loud in a whisper with a properly horrified tone, and your hands either over your eyes or at either side of your mouth ala Home Alone.)

A swimsuit.

In pub-lic. (Thanks, Ron White, for forever ruining my pronunciation of this word.)

Don’t get me wrong, I feel pretty good about my body these days. But as I explained to the fab. @cindyelizabeth on Twitter last night, it’s one thing to think you look okay when covered with clothing and another when you’re essentially wearing a stretchy bra and underwear in broad daylight.

I’m also really excited because this week I’m going to post my first “real” product review EVAR. I kind of feel like an actual blogger now, lol.

And this is just for Meg, because I think she doesn’t believe I really have a psuedo-bike under my desk:

This is surely going to be fodder for people to make fun of me. Oh well! I'll live.