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13 thoughts on “Ticker

  1. I love your blog! I’ve been looking for a blog that is seriously funny, relatable and also motivational. Thanks for actually talking about the issues that we are all facing, but for some reason never really talk about.

  2. Hi There – Just wanted to let you know that I admire your honesty and your willingness to ask the hard questions about how people perceive those of us who are (or were) overweight.

    “Where were these guys at 247 lbs?” -> totally hit home with me. I get that bitterness, my friend.

    Way to focus on YOU and not your ‘date calendar.’ You deserve nothing less than absolutely everything!

  3. Hi Lisa Marie:

    I found your blog through another blog’s blogroll. I definitely applaud your efforts, and you’re doing a great job! Blogs like this are motivation to me, making me feel like I’m not alone and that I CAN accomplish some weight loss, even though there are bumps along the way.

  4. Diana – thank you so much for your comment and for reading. It’s great to know that others feel the same way on that subject!

  5. Hi. I’m 24 and have made up my mind that i wanted to loose weight by the time i was 25. I started at 260 and after a year on my own i am down to 225. I joined WW last monday. It is so motivating to see someone my age have gone through what i’m about to!!! I’m so glad to have found this!!! thanks!!!

  6. YOU GO LISA! I want to figure out how to do this, I just get so lazy and quit too quickly. What are some of your tips for keeping at it? How did you keep motivated?

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